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You can deliver your charity donations to the victims, the poor and the oppressed in our country and in different parts of the world.



According to the religion of Islam; Sadaqah al-fitr is obligatory for every Muslim who has a nisab amount of property in excess of his debts and basic needs. The measure of wealth envisaged for an individual to be liable for charity is the nisab sought in zakat. However, in sadaqah al-fitr, the condition stipulated in zakat is that the goods must be increased and one year has passed since then.

According to the religion of Islam; More broadly than zakat, charity includes all kinds of donations and donations made voluntarily for Allah (c.c.). Zakat in particular and charity in general also refers to an economic system that Islam has put into effect as a means of social assistance in ensuring that individuals and society meet their material and spiritual needs.

Sadaka-i cariye, as the name suggests, is used for charities that continue to flow like a river. Foundations, mosques, fountains, bridges, madrasas, etc. The good deeds that continue to flow as long as they benefit are examples of this.

Although sadaqah-i fitr is obligatory at dawn on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, it can also be given during the month of Ramadan. In fact, it is better to give it before the Eid so that the poor can meet their Eid needs. However, if charity is not given until the morning of Eid, it must be paid on the days of Eid. Fitrahs that are not paid on time but are delayed must be paid as soon as possible.

Donations given to charities are considered charity/sadaka-i concubine and people who give receive rewards. Charities also get the reward of being helpful. The water wells opened by charities, the establishments he had built, the cars he bought to deliver the good, and the establishments he established for the treatment of people are within the framework of charity concubines.

The inspection and follow-up of the water wells opened with your donations are done by our teams. In areas where water wells are drilled, responsible persons are determined and intervention is made in case of malfunction. When fault information is received from any of the water wells, repairs and similar responsibilities are carried out. Repair projects are carried out for the malfunctions detected in water wells that have exceeded 3 years as a result of the inspections.

Specialty water wells are built only in areas and situations where drilling a water well does not meet the needs. These wells are often built integrating with storage, plumbing, intermediate materials, carrier engines and similar equipment.

Sometimes an orphanage's bath, sometimes a mosque's fountain, sometimes meeting the irrigation needs of agricultural land or different difficulties, these structures are built to meet the needs of the region at once and completely. Although the conditions and costs of special water wells differ each time, they are among the most needed projects.

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