You can see and examine all the works carried out within the body of our association, and obtain information from the relevant units. You can have information on many subjects such as where and how donations are evaluated, how the internal audits of our projects are carried out, the criteria applied while giving aid and our working principles.

We have different corporate and individual supporters/donors. Our biggest supporter is our generous People. Şahinbey Municipality, Islamic Relief Worldwide are major donors. Apart from this, institutions that donate small amounts and many individuals also support the projects of our association.

Our Association Headquarters is located in Gaziantep and we have representative offices in Adana, Batman, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Midyat, Siirt/Kurtalan, Şanlıurfa/Viranşehir/Siverek. We continue to grow with the power we get from our people.

Our association does not discriminate against religion, language, race or gender in aid efforts. Our top priority is people. However, when we look at the communities that are experiencing war and occupation today, it can be seen that these regions are predominantly Muslim areas. Our priority in our work has always been to help those in need. For example, when aid is brought to Africa due to famine, besides Muslims, people belonging to other religions and beliefs are also helped.

Yedi Başak has never been involved in any project or activity that would cause conflict or doubt, and has managed to become one of the leading organizations of our country in a short time with the confidence of all its donors and volunteers. In addition, the activities and financial movements of our association are regularly audited by the Ministry of Interior and the Related Associations Directorate, as well as by an independent audit firm.

Yedi Başak Humanitarian Aid Association carries out relief activities both in the country and abroad. Yedi Başak delivers aid to crisis areas where war and natural disasters are experienced. In addition to these geographies, it also provides aid to people in poverty-stricken regions and carries out permanent projects there. In this context, natural disasters, poverty, etc. People who are experiencing difficulties due to various reasons are also helped, and food, clothing and medicine aids are given regularly.

Our association is not affiliated with any community, ideological movement or political party. Yedi Başak is an institution established within the Turkish legal system.

Yedi Başak Humanitarian Aid Association was established in 2016. Our association, regardless of region, religion, language, race and sect, has been in trouble, suffered disaster, persecuted, starved or left in the open in Turkey and in the regions where it has worked in more than 15 countries in 3 continents; have been victimized, injured or crippled due to reasons such as war, natural disaster; It works to deliver humanitarian aid to all people who are homeless and homeless.

Some of the projects realized abroad are personally followed by Yedi Başak officials, while others are carried out in cooperation with partner institutions in the region that know the region well. Partner institutions and Yedi Başak officials periodically inspect the work done by preparing reports on the projects carried out in these places.

According to the religion of Islam; Sadaqah al-fitr is obligatory for every Muslim who has a nisab amount of property in excess of his debts and basic needs. The measure of wealth envisaged for an individual to be liable for charity is the nisab sought in zakat. However, in sadaqah al-fitr, the condition stipulated in zakat is that the goods must be increased and one year has passed since then.

According to the religion of Islam; More broadly than zakat, charity includes all kinds of donations and donations made voluntarily for Allah (c.c.). Zakat in particular and charity in general also refers to an economic system that Islam has put into effect as a means of social assistance in ensuring that individuals and society meet their material and spiritual needs.

Sadaka-i cariye, as the name suggests, is used for charities that continue to flow like a river. Foundations, mosques, fountains, bridges, madrasas, etc. The good deeds that continue to flow as long as they benefit are examples of this.

Although sadaqah-i fitr is obligatory at dawn on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, it can also be given during the month of Ramadan. In fact, it is better to give it before the Eid so that the poor can meet their Eid needs. However, if charity is not given until the morning of Eid, it must be paid on the days of Eid. Fitrahs that are not paid on time but are delayed must be paid as soon as possible.

Donations given to charities are considered charity/sadaka-i concubine and people who give receive rewards. Charities also get the reward of being helpful. The water wells opened by charities, the establishments he had built, the cars he bought to deliver the good, and the establishments he established for the treatment of people are within the framework of charity concubines.

The main thing is to pay the zakat on the person. In this respect, zakat can be paid at once or in instalments.

Zakat can be given in person or by proxy or money order. The important thing here is that the zakat reaches the recipient.

According to the religion of Islam; It means giving a part of a certain property to certain people who are able to receive zakat for the sake of Allah. Zakat, one of the financial worships, is one of the five basic principles of Islam and was made obligatory in Medina in the second year of the Hijra. In the Qur'an, "Perform the prayer properly and give the zakat"... (Baqara, 2/43, 110; Hajj, 22/78; Nur, 24/56; Struggle, 58/13; Muzzammil, 73/20); “Take alms from their property, with which you will purify them, purify them, and pray for them; because your prayer gives them peace. Allah is Hearing, Knowing." (Tawba, 9/103).

As in fasting and pilgrimage, the lunar month calculation is applied for zakat. For zakat to be obligatory, one lunar year must pass over the nisab amount of goods. However, if the owner wishes, he can give zakat on his property that reaches the nisab before the time comes.

There is no religious objection to giving zakat and fitra to associations, foundations, institutions and mutual aid funds that are managed by people who are known to collect the zakat and fitrah they have received and spend it only on the places specified in the 60th verse of Surat At-Tawba and who are trusted in all respects.

There is no specific time to give zakat, it must be given from the moment it becomes fard. There is no need to wait for a certain month or Ramadan for this. It is appropriate for those who are obliged to give zakat to give their zakat as soon as possible from the moment of their obligation.

In the regions where Yedi Başak Humanitarian Aid Association works, projects continue to be implemented in different fields throughout the year. While distributions are made to the families previously determined by our family identification teams in the country, the most needy groups in the regions are determined with the contributions of our partner organizations abroad, and the activities are mostly focused on addressing the problems in these regions. focuses on elimination.

In the distribution program of Yedi Başak, refugee camps, victims of war and natural disasters, orphanages, families of orphans, the elderly, orphans, widows, the disabled, poverty-stricken segments of society, schools, Quranic courses and hospitals come first. Before the sacrifice, detailed reports are prepared for each sacrifice region.

During the Eid-al-Adha, slaughtering of the qurbans donated with different intentions can also be done. There is no harm in your short cut.

There is no religious rite of sacrifice, which has tended to become widespread among our people lately and is called "dead victim" or "grave victim". However, a sacrifice can be made on behalf of a deceased person or to donate his reward to the deceased. If the inheritance left by the person who made the will while he was alive is sufficient, his will must be fulfilled by his heirs.

If there is no will, the heirs of the deceased do not have to sacrifice an animal. However, a person can donate his sacrifice to various charities or to poor and needy people in order to donate his reward to his deceased mother or father or other relatives.

The amount to be given below the sacrifice price will not be enough for a sacrifice price.

Yes, our officers who return from the regions after the victim organization is completed, deliver the victim video to the digital (shooting archive) media unit they brought with them.

After the necessary arrangements are made, the media unit sends an SMS to the mobile phone number specified in the donation form. You can watch your cut video from the link specified in the sms, download it to your mobile phone or share it with your friend groups.

Benevolent people can have their victims cut wherever they want within the countries determined by the Yedi Başak. However, it is more appropriate for them to leave the determination of the slaughtering regions to the Seven Virgo officials in order to prevent the concentration in certain regions.

Sacrifice donations can be made until 23.59 on the second day of the holiday.

Our association distributes all of the qurban share you donate to those in need. According to the need of the family, all of the meat can be left at home, and it is appropriate to distribute most or even all of the meat of the sacrifice when the needy increases in the society.

A sacrificial share varies by region. According to this situation, Turkey Sacrifice Share Price is 3000 TL, Syria Sacrifice Share Price is 3000 TL, Africa Kurban Share Price is 1250 TL, Afghanistan, Yemen, Arakan and Gaza Sacrifice Share Price is 2000 TL. All organizational expenses are included in this price.

How do the Seven Virgos determine the sacrifice prices?

Sacrifice prices vary around the world. In some regions, the price is lower than in Turkey, while in some regions it is higher. Since it is expected that sacrifice donations made to regions with low prices will increase, whereas sacrifice donations made to regions with high prices are expected to decrease, Yedi Başak strategically takes sacrifice prices from all regions and determines an average price.

Applying a single price will not only prevent concentration in the regions where the prices are low, but it also provides the opportunity to bring sacrificial meat to each region as needed. In this way, sacrifices can be sent to many regions that will not receive donations or will receive very little donations due to the high prices of sacrifices, although they are in urgent need.

Taxpayers who want to make a sacrifice send the sacrifice price determined for the slaughter of their qurbans and the distribution of their meat to those in need, to the Yedi Başak Humanitarian Aid Association.

As in everything else, the main thing in proxy is the intention and will of the person. The philanthropist, who applies to the Yedi Başak to cut his victim, reveals this intention and will. It does not have to be expressed verbally. Because deed and practice are also a declaration of will.

Sacrifice slaughter begins after the Eid prayer on the first day of Eid and is completed until the afternoon on the third day of Eid. Is this worship fulfilled by giving alms instead of sacrifice? Whether the decree of fiqh is wajib or sunnah; sacrificial worship is performed by the proper slaughter of an animal that meets certain conditions; By giving the price of the sacrifice to the poor or to charity organizations, the worship of sacrifice is not performed.

Undoubtedly, helping the poor and needy with the intention of gaining Allah's approval, doing goodness and benevolence is one of the important duties of a Muslim. However, it is not religiously correct to present one of these two worships as an alternative to the other.

Our association aims to be an intermediary for philanthropists to fulfill their sacrifices, and that what is done while doing sacrifice work is a form of worship. It tries to offer sacrificial meat to the people in need in oppressed geographies and to be a morale, motivation and joy of life for the people in the Regions.

To be able to observe the developments in the regions and to follow the developments. By observing the needs of the regions on the spot, we aim to create the projects necessary for the solution of the problems and present them to the knowledge of charitable people.

The benefactors who donated their qurbans can learn about the slaughter of their victims by means of a short SMS sent to their mobile phones by Yedi Başak Humanitarian Aid Association.

After the sacrificial slaughter is completed in the regions, the teams here inform the association center that the sacrificial slaughter has been completed. After this information, short mobile messages are sent to the people who cut their victims.

A power of attorney can be given to institutions such as foundations and associations that sacrifice qurban for regions in need within or outside the country. The only requirement is that the institution is a reliable institution that slaughters the victim in every aspect in accordance with its purpose and procedure and delivers its meat, skin and other usable parts to the right places.

The degree of victimization of the regions is important in determining the victim areas. According to this; war and crisis regions, countries and regions where natural disasters are experienced, poor countries and regions where hunger and drought prevail are given priority.

The inspection and follow-up of the water wells opened with your donations are done by our teams. In areas where water wells are drilled, responsible persons are determined and intervention is made in case of malfunction. When fault information is received from any of the water wells, repairs and similar responsibilities are carried out. Repair projects are carried out for the malfunctions detected in water wells that have exceeded 3 years as a result of the inspections.

Specialty water wells are built only in areas and situations where drilling a water well does not meet the needs. These wells are often built integrating with storage, plumbing, intermediate materials, carrier engines and similar equipment.

Sometimes an orphanage's bath, sometimes a mosque's fountain, sometimes meeting the irrigation needs of agricultural land or different difficulties, these structures are built to meet the needs of the region at once and completely. Although the conditions and costs of special water wells differ each time, they are among the most needed projects.

In order not to encounter any health problems due to substances such as arsenic and cyanide, water samples are taken from each well drilled and water analysis is performed in the laboratory environment. According to the result of the report, if the water to be obtained is suitable, the water well is opened for use.

Water well works take about 1-3 months. This period may vary depending on the region and the problems that may occur in that region.

One out of every 10 people in the world does not have access to water. Drought, poverty, rapid population growth and pollution threaten clean drinking water resources. In our world where billions of people do not have healthy water, mass diseases are increasing day by day. If serious and feasible measures are not taken to reduce clean water resources, the dangers that people face will increase even more. As Yedi Başak, we are working to ensure that millions of people around the world who suffer from water shortage problems have access to clean water to meet their every need. At the beginning of these works is to open water wells or specialty water wells in areas of need.

The countries where Yedi Başak drill water wells are determined according to needs. In this context; Chad, Ghana, Cameroon, Niger, Senegal, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Niger, Nigeria, Gaza and Yemen are among the regions where Yedi Başak conducts water well studies. Our association may change from time to time in countries and regions. Before choosing a region to have a water well drilled, you should contact the authorized Yedi Başak personnel by calling 553 886 7777.

You can fill out the Young Seven Virgo volunteer form and let us contact you. You can come to our Yedi Başak association center or representative offices to meet in person and get information about our activities. For detailed information, you can call 553 886 7777.

Our volunteer teams at universities carry out many activities such as educational studies, social-cultural activities and producing social responsibility projects. In the camps we organize as Genç Yedi Başak, both educational and social-sports activities are carried out.

Studies are carried out with high school and university students.

The main goal of the Young Seven Virgos activities is to contribute to the training of well-equipped young people who always strive to work for justice and goodness to prevail alongside the victims and oppressed, regardless of religion, language, sect and race.

Yedi Başak gives importance to young people in her activities. With the encouragement of secondary school students, university students, teachers and parents, students try to carry out some activities with their own means to support the projects of our association. It ensures that these activities, which young people do on a voluntary basis, become regular, planned, programmed and continuous.

We have activities covering various activities such as informative seminars, conferences, book reading activities, movie readings, spiritual conversations, historical trips, nature camps.

Employees of women's branches are volunteer employees who care about their own well-being. We have a working motto made up of women and young people working for humanity with the motto "They give food to the poor, orphans and captives who they will gladly eat" (Surat al-Insan, verse 8). Seven Virgo Women's Branches help to remove the status in our material and spiritual life and to be together. People living in an individualized and lonely world will enjoy being able to touch the heart of running for someone else with kindness in this work.

Our work for women is carried out especially through orphan families, we plan family-child trainings for our mothers who receive humanitarian aid from us, and we do this as seminars at certain periods. While giving such trainings to our mothers, we come together with our children under the name of "Brotherhood Meeting" within the scope of values education. While these meetings educate them spiritually, they also socialize them and increase their morale and motivation. As women's branches, we receive training in order to do our job more professionally and these trainings will continue from time to time.

As the Young Yedi Başak-Women, we plan and coordinate the Sisterhood Meetings with the youth, and we also come together by analyzing the books and keeping our bond of brotherhood alive with the youth every month. We aimed to review. We aim to do this every summer.

Our volunteer teams in high schools carry out educational studies, social-cultural activities and social responsibility projects. Our high school volunteers come together in integration camps and carry out many educational and social-cultural activities.

We are working as Genç Yedi Başak in the provinces and districts where our association is located.

Any woman who likes to produce, who is active, who can express herself well, who is open to development and whose concern is humanity, can join the Seven Başak Women's Branch, regardless of language, race or age. Because women occupy a very important place in the improvement and development of a society. With this awareness, we invite every woman to volunteer in this field, thinking that women should also be involved in humanitarian work.

Yes it is delivered. This process comes to an end within the months determined by our association. If you leave your e-mail address while making your donation, you will be sent an e-mail with patient information and a photograph.

Our association aims to provide emergency food aid, clothing, clean drinking water, hygiene packages for women and children, beds and blankets, to set up tents, prefabricated shelters and camps for safe areas, and to help the oppressed and the victims in the most difficult times. and we work by taking it as our duty to support them when they need help the most.

Yes it is possible. You can get detailed information by calling us at 0 553 886 7777. Our association carries out cataract studies through partner organizations. If you wish, you can contact our association and join the surgeries after a cataract team is formed and necessary permissions are obtained from the countries where the project will be implemented.

Cataract surgery is an operation that takes 15 minutes with the FAKO method, which is a modern cataract surgery. Although there are some technical differences in the operations of pediatric or elderly cataract patients, the procedure performed in cataract surgery consists of removing the cataract and replacing it with an artificial intraocular lens.

Although each eye surgery costs 500 TL, you can donate any amount you want to the cataract pool in a lower amount, so that your loved ones can see it.

Cataract is a condition that mostly affects both eyes. Sometimes it starts in both eyes and progresses together, causing both eyes to be affected equally. Sometimes, cataracts start in one eye.

Cataract surgery is an operation that takes 15 minutes with the FAKO method, which is a modern cataract surgery. Although there are some technical differences in the operations of pediatric or elderly cataract patients, the procedure performed in cataract surgery consists of removing the cataract and replacing it with an artificial intraocular lens.

Due to the hot weather, nutrition, hygiene, lack of clean water and climatic conditions in Africa, many people lose their ability to see as cataracts at a young age. When the inadequacy of the number of ophthalmologists is added to this, many patients, especially in rural areas, live in darkness without having an operation.

The clouding of the lens layer, which is located just behind the colored layer of our eye and which is normally a transparent lens, by losing its transparency for any reason, and the formation of a smoke screen in front of the eye that impairs the clarity of vision is called cataract. Blurring of vision in eyes with cataracts can be at very different levels depending on the degree of cataract, starting from a little blurry vision to the degree of seeing only light. Cataract, the most common cause of blindness in the world, is a treatable vision loss.

Cataract is not just a disease specific to the elderly. Cataracts can also be seen in infancy and childhood.

The most important cause of cataract is old age. Cataract, which is very common especially after the age of 60, increases with age. In addition, eye traumas, previous eye pressure, eye diseases or surgeries such as intraocular inflammation, some chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, long-term use of cortisone drugs, radiation therapy, vitamin C deficiency, malnutrition, ultraviolet rays, clean water Lack of hygiene, exposure to intense light for a long time, smoking, alcohol, harmful chemicals and radiation are also causes that trigger cataracts.

Cataract treatment is surgery; Unfortunately, there is no other form of treatment other than surgery.

Yes you can.

Yedi Başak, as of 2019, with the support of benefactors, up to 500 children are circumcised in a healthy manner within the framework of circumcision organizations held in at least 2 countries every year.

After our organization is completed, we send the picture of the child you helped to have a healthy circumcision via whatsapp.

The basic needs of our orphan child in the fields of education, health, food and clothing are met to some extent.

The monthly sponsorship fee for an orphan is 150 TL. When support is started for an orphan, we demand that this support continues for at least 1 year. However, our donors who do not regularly take care of an orphan and want their aid to be used for all orphan works can donate to the Orphan Aid Pool in any amount they wish, within their means. Click here to donate for orphans.

You can fill out the form by clicking on the Orphan Protection link. After completing the application form, you can become a guardian of an orphan by depositing your first 150 lira donation.

Due to the distribution conditions in the regions, it is not possible to send, but our association can send bulk shipments for orphans from the orphan support pool (fund) in certain periods. If you wish, you can donate to the orphan support pool.

Yes, you can choose orphans from different countries and regions at any time or increase the number of them. For detailed information, you can contact us on our corporate line at 553 886 7777.

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