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You can deliver your zakat to victims and needy people in our country and in different parts of the world.



The main thing is to pay the zakat on the person. In this respect, zakat can be paid at once or in instalments.

Zakat can be given in person or by proxy or money order. The important thing here is that the zakat reaches the recipient.

According to the religion of Islam; It means giving a part of a certain property to certain people who are able to receive zakat for the sake of Allah. Zakat, one of the financial worships, is one of the five basic principles of Islam and was made obligatory in Medina in the second year of the Hijra. In the Qur'an, "Perform the prayer properly and give the zakat"... (Baqara, 2/43, 110; Hajj, 22/78; Nur, 24/56; Struggle, 58/13; Muzzammil, 73/20); “Take alms from their property, with which you will purify them, purify them, and pray for them; because your prayer gives them peace. Allah is Hearing, Knowing." (Tawba, 9/103).

As in fasting and pilgrimage, the lunar month calculation is applied for zakat. For zakat to be obligatory, one lunar year must pass over the nisab amount of goods. However, if the owner wishes, he can give zakat on his property that reaches the nisab before the time comes.

There is no religious objection to giving zakat and fitra to associations, foundations, institutions and mutual aid funds that are managed by people who are known to collect the zakat and fitrah they have received and spend it only on the places specified in the 60th verse of Surat At-Tawba and who are trusted in all respects.

There is no specific time to give zakat, it must be given from the moment it becomes fard. There is no need to wait for a certain month or Ramadan for this. It is appropriate for those who are obliged to give zakat to give their zakat as soon as possible from the moment of their obligation.

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