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Food Box

Twelve months of the year, you can deliver food aid to families in need in our country and around the world.



In the regions where Yedi Başak Humanitarian Aid Association works, projects continue to be implemented in different fields throughout the year. While distributions are made to the families previously determined by our family identification teams in the country, the most needy groups in the regions are determined with the contributions of our partner organizations abroad, and the activities are mostly focused on addressing the problems in these regions. focuses on elimination.

In the distribution program of Yedi Başak, refugee camps, victims of war and natural disasters, orphanages, families of orphans, the elderly, orphans, widows, the disabled, poverty-stricken segments of society, schools, Quranic courses and hospitals come first. Before the sacrifice, detailed reports are prepared for each sacrifice region.

During the Eid-al-Adha, slaughtering of the qurbans donated with different intentions can also be done. There is no harm in your short cut.

There is no religious rite of sacrifice, which has tended to become widespread among our people lately and is called "dead victim" or "grave victim". However, a sacrifice can be made on behalf of a deceased person or to donate his reward to the deceased. If the inheritance left by the person who made the will while he was alive is sufficient, his will must be fulfilled by his heirs.

If there is no will, the heirs of the deceased do not have to sacrifice an animal. However, a person can donate his sacrifice to various charities or to poor and needy people in order to donate his reward to his deceased mother or father or other relatives.

The amount to be given below the sacrifice price will not be enough for a sacrifice price.

Yes, our officers who return from the regions after the victim organization is completed, deliver the victim video to the digital (shooting archive) media unit they brought with them.

After the necessary arrangements are made, the media unit sends an SMS to the mobile phone number specified in the donation form. You can watch your cut video from the link specified in the sms, download it to your mobile phone or share it with your friend groups.

Benevolent people can have their victims cut wherever they want within the countries determined by the Yedi Başak. However, it is more appropriate for them to leave the determination of the slaughtering regions to the Seven Virgo officials in order to prevent the concentration in certain regions.

Sacrifice donations can be made until 23.59 on the second day of the holiday.

Our association distributes all of the qurban share you donate to those in need. According to the need of the family, all of the meat can be left at home, and it is appropriate to distribute most or even all of the meat of the sacrifice when the needy increases in the society.

A sacrificial share varies by region. According to this situation, Turkey Sacrifice Share Price is 3000 TL, Syria Sacrifice Share Price is 3000 TL, Africa Kurban Share Price is 1250 TL, Afghanistan, Yemen, Arakan and Gaza Sacrifice Share Price is 2000 TL. All organizational expenses are included in this price.

How do the Seven Virgos determine the sacrifice prices?

Sacrifice prices vary around the world. In some regions, the price is lower than in Turkey, while in some regions it is higher. Since it is expected that sacrifice donations made to regions with low prices will increase, whereas sacrifice donations made to regions with high prices are expected to decrease, Yedi Başak strategically takes sacrifice prices from all regions and determines an average price.

Applying a single price will not only prevent concentration in the regions where the prices are low, but it also provides the opportunity to bring sacrificial meat to each region as needed. In this way, sacrifices can be sent to many regions that will not receive donations or will receive very little donations due to the high prices of sacrifices, although they are in urgent need.

Taxpayers who want to make a sacrifice send the sacrifice price determined for the slaughter of their qurbans and the distribution of their meat to those in need, to the Yedi Başak Humanitarian Aid Association.

As in everything else, the main thing in proxy is the intention and will of the person. The philanthropist, who applies to the Yedi Başak to cut his victim, reveals this intention and will. It does not have to be expressed verbally. Because deed and practice are also a declaration of will.

Sacrifice slaughter begins after the Eid prayer on the first day of Eid and is completed until the afternoon on the third day of Eid. Is this worship fulfilled by giving alms instead of sacrifice? Whether the decree of fiqh is wajib or sunnah; sacrificial worship is performed by the proper slaughter of an animal that meets certain conditions; By giving the price of the sacrifice to the poor or to charity organizations, the worship of sacrifice is not performed.

Undoubtedly, helping the poor and needy with the intention of gaining Allah's approval, doing goodness and benevolence is one of the important duties of a Muslim. However, it is not religiously correct to present one of these two worships as an alternative to the other.

Our association aims to be an intermediary for philanthropists to fulfill their sacrifices, and that what is done while doing sacrifice work is a form of worship. It tries to offer sacrificial meat to the people in need in oppressed geographies and to be a morale, motivation and joy of life for the people in the Regions.

To be able to observe the developments in the regions and to follow the developments. By observing the needs of the regions on the spot, we aim to create the projects necessary for the solution of the problems and present them to the knowledge of charitable people.

The benefactors who donated their qurbans can learn about the slaughter of their victims by means of a short SMS sent to their mobile phones by Yedi Başak Humanitarian Aid Association.

After the sacrificial slaughter is completed in the regions, the teams here inform the association center that the sacrificial slaughter has been completed. After this information, short mobile messages are sent to the people who cut their victims.

A power of attorney can be given to institutions such as foundations and associations that sacrifice qurban for regions in need within or outside the country. The only requirement is that the institution is a reliable institution that slaughters the victim in every aspect in accordance with its purpose and procedure and delivers its meat, skin and other usable parts to the right places.

The degree of victimization of the regions is important in determining the victim areas. According to this; war and crisis regions, countries and regions where natural disasters are experienced, poor countries and regions where hunger and drought prevail are given priority.

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